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Grayling (Thymallus thymallus)

River Chew

River Chew • Five Stretches Of Prime River Fishing
River Chew aerial image - click to enlarge (photo by Jason Allen) Keynsham Angling Association controls the fishing rights to five stretches of the River Chew from Compton Dando to Keynsham. Club Members are entitled to fish the River Chew without a day ticket.

The River Chew is a classic roving water, featuring a good range of Coarse and Game fish. Several sections of the Chew were stocked with Barbel in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Roach and Bream were added in 2012.

Photographs • Selected Images Of River Chew Stretches
A small selection of River Chew images. Visit the Venue Galleries page for more.
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Mill Ground
Jun 2008
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Feb 2009
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Chewton Meadow
Feb 2009
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Feb 2008
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Mill Ground
Jun 2008
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Sep 2009

Panoramas • Scrollable Wide Angle Images Of River Chew Waters
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Uplands Area
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Mill Ground
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Brookmead Area

Mill Ground

River Chew • Mill Ground • Fields 17, 18, 19 & 21 • Chewton To Keynsham
River Chew - Mill Ground - click to enlarge The Mill Ground is a ¾ mile-long stretch of the River Chew, comprised of the left-bank fields (looking downstream) from Chewton Bridge at Chewton Keynsham to the Albert Mill, Keynsham, excluding the paddock at Conygre Farm. It is a rewarding venue set in the peaceful Chew Valley.

The fishery contains around 40 to 50 swims with depths averaging 6-7ft, some as deep as 11ft. Many of the pegs are situated on level ground, within easy reach of the water. Alder and Willow provide superb overhead cover for the fish, while Lilies and Reeds populate the margins in several areas, offering excellent Perch sport.

The Mill Ground is home to a good population of sizeable Chub, Roach, Perch, Grayling and Rudd, along with good numbers of Gudgeon, Dace and Trout. Look out for the occasional Bream, Barbel, double-figure Carp, Tench and one or two large Eels. A stock of 1200 3-5 inch Roach and Rudd was added in March 2010. A variety of baits will tempt the fish throughout the season, including maggots, casters, hemp and tares, bread, sweetcorn and redworm.

The Mill Ground is crossed by the Two Rivers Way and can be accessed via the Albert Mill at Keynsham, and through the kissing gate near Chewton Bridge at the south end. Parking is only available at the Keynsham end of the water. Field 19 contains overhead power lines. Please exercise extreme caution when fishing here.

Chewton Meadow

River Chew • Chewton Meadow • Field 75 • Chewton Keynsham
River Chew - Chewton Meadow - click to enlarge Chewton Meadow is ¾ mile stretch of the River Chew at Chewton Keynsham, from Uplands Bridge to Chewton Place (right bank looking downstream). The Association re-acquired this field in 2005, and much work has been carried out by Club President Richard Denning and Dave Cook to open up the 20-plus swims.

The Meadow is slightly deeper on average compared to Uplands, Brookmead and Lyneham Orchard, especially towards the lower end at Chewton Place, with has depths to 14ft in places.

Chewton Meadow is home to a good number of sizeable Chub, Roach, Perch, Dace, Grayling and Brown Trout, with the occasional Rudd, Tench and Rainbow Trout. The water was stocked with Barbel in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Roach and Bream were added in 2012.

Access is via the byway leading from Chewton Keynsham to Uplands Bridge. The track is very pot-holed and often flooded. If in doubt, park safely on the main road and walk. Limited parking space is available near the gate on the left past Uplands Bridge. Park very close to the hedge to avoid the off-roaders.

Chewton Meadow contains overhead power lines approximately two-thirds of the way along the beat. Please exercise extreme caution when fishing here.


River Chew • Uplands • Fields 71, 72, 73 & 74 • Compton Dando To Chewton
River Chew - Uplands - click to enlarge Uplands is one-and-a-quarter mile stretch of the River Chew from Bathford Brook near Compton Dando to Uplands Bridge at Chewton Keynsham, on the right bank looking downstream.

The Association acquired Uplands in 2009 and introduced a stock of Barbel shortly afterwards, with further batches added in 2010 and 2011. Uplands is a classic roving water, with good numbers of quality fish including Grayling, Chub, Trout, Roach, Rainbow Trout, Barbel, Dace, Perch, Barbel and Gudgeon. A few Bream, Tench and Carp can also be found.

The Uplands stretch alternates between shallow glides and deeper pools, often with high banks and sheltered swims. Bankside vegetation is abundant.

Main access is via the kissing gate at Uplands Bridge, with secondary access via the various field gates on the Burnett to Compton Dando road. Limited parking is available at Uplands Bridge.


River Chew • Brookmead • Field 7 • Compton Dando
River Chew - Brookmead - click to enlarge Brookmead is the left bank field directly downstream of Compton Dando Bridge - the field with the Environment Agency flow-measuring flume.

This is a peaceful roving water with good rewards on offer for determined anglers. Brookmead is home to a large variation of fish species including Chub, Roach, Dace, Perch, Gudgeon, Trout and Grayling. Members fishing at Brookmead often catch in excess of eight different species in a single session.

Depths alternate between deep holes up to 8ft and shallow, gravel-bed glides, providing good sport for both Game and Coarse anglers. Limited car parking and main access can be found at Compton Dando Bridge.

Brookmead contains several overhead power lines. Please exercise extreme caution when fishing here. The banks are very steep in places. The Club advises Junior Members fishing at Brookmead to be accompanied by an adult.

Lyneham Orchard

River Chew • Lyneham Orchard • Field 10 • Compton Dando
River Chew - Lyneham Orchard - click to enlarge Lyneham Orchard is a ¼ mile, crescent-shaped stretch of the River Chew located four fields downstream of Compton Dando Bridge.

This is a very wild field, with steep banks, dense vegetation and overhanging trees, concealing several deep holes. Sport here is challenging but can be very rewarding, with the usual array of species including Chub, Roach, Dace, Perch, Rudd, Gudgeon, Trout and Grayling. One or two Barbel have ventured this far upstream.

Access is via the kissing gate by Compton Dando Bridge, where limited parking can also be found. Follow the path through Brookmead and the next two fields. At the woods, go through the iron gate into the meadow. The Two Rivers footpath follows the River Chew all the way to Keynsham, and on to the River Avon.

River Chew • Five Stretches Of Prime River Fishing
River Chew - click to enlarge

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Venue Tips
The River Chew fishes well when recovering from a flush of flood water, as the river is fining down.

Rain on a Thursday is always good news for weekend Chew anglers.

Feed light and regularly to attract the fish and keep them interested.

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