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News Archive 2006

Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)

News Archive

News Archive • Keynsham Angling Association Past News Reports
Past Keynsham Angling Association news reports organised into year-by-year pages.

4th Dec 2006 • 2007 Licences On Sale Now
All shops have now been stocked with 2007 Membership cards, which are valid from the date of purchase. There has been no price increase. Please note that Keynsham Angling Association licences and day tickets are no longer available to purchase at Keynsham Pet & Garden Centre. You can do away with the need for day tickets if you upgrade your Membership to Gold or Silver status. Upgrades are now valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The 2006 Christmas Match was won by Steve Bull with 23lb 2oz from peg 5. Century Ponds is fishing very well at present, with water levels brim-high and a good showing of larger Perch and Roach. The Carp are still appearing, along with a few decent sized Tench. Tight lines, happy Christmas.

19th Nov 2006 • Christmas Match Details, New KAA Outlet
The 2006 Christmas Match will take place at Century Ponds on Sunday 3rd December, draw at 10am, fishing 11am until 3pm. Entry fee is 10, which includes the pegging fee. Please note that Century Ponds will be closed all day on the 3rd to non-match anglers. Century Ponds day tickets are now on sale at the newly-opened Keynsham Angling Centre in Station Road. Membership cards for 2007 will be in the shops by early December and will be valid from the date of purchase.

We have had reports of a minority of Junior Members being rude to tackle shop staff when buying day tickets. Guilty culprits face being expelled from the Association if found out. Jupiter was recently caught by Ben Jerrom at a healthy 21lb 4oz.

30th Sep 2006 • All-Night Carp Match Result
The All-Night Carp Match at Century Ponds was won by George Hurrell-Smith with 26lb 5oz from peg 15. Fishing conditions were made difficult by torrential rain and bankside flooding.

15th Sep 2006 • All-Night Carp Match News, Century Ponds Report
Beware! Uncovered drainage chamber (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. Please note that Century Ponds will be closed all day on Saturday 30th September for the All-Night Carp Match. There are still a handful of match spaces available.

Century Ponds is fishing well as autumn approaches, with water levels remaining high throughout the summer. Carp in excess of 20lb have been recently reported, with a large showing of fish in the 8lb-12lb range. The Tench and Crucians have largely failed to show in great numbers so far this season, but the resident Roach are more plentiful. Fishing the margins or around the island is a good bet for the Carp.

The troublesome Chewton Meadow drainage chamber has now been fenced off. Members are still advised to exercise caution when fishing this stretch.

29th Aug 2006 • Crazy Carp & Coarse Angling Centre
Crazy Carp & Coarse Angling Centre (click to visit). Century Ponds day tickets and Keynsham Angling Association Membership cards are now available at Crazy Carp & Coarse Angling Centre, 27 Highridge Road, Bishopsworth, Bristol, BS13 8HJ. Crazy Carp opened for business on July 22nd this year, is open 7 days a week and carries an extensive range of tackle, bait, clothing and much more.

The shop will be running a specimen fish competition throughout September. To enter your catch photo please visit the Crazy Carp site.

14th Aug 2006 • Inter-Club Match Result, Discounted Membership Upgrades
The first leg of the Inter-Club Match versus Golden Valley at Century Ponds was won by Paul Mogg (KAA) with 24lb 12oz. Golden Valley take a 7lb 11oz lead into the secong leg Match on the Avon at Swineford on 16th Sept. Any Member wishing to upgrade their Membership to Gold or Silver status can now do so for half price during the rest of 2006.

9th Aug 2006 • Century Ponds Closed 13th August, Carp Match Result
Century Ponds will be closed all day on Sunday 13th August for the Inter-Club Match with Golden Valley Fishing Club. The Match draws at 1pm, fishing 2-7 pm. One or two places are still available on the KAA team if anyone is interested in representing the Club. The next All-Night Carp Match is scheduled for Sat 30th September at Century Old Pond.

The All-Night Carp Match at Century Ponds on 22nd July was won by Jamie Seymour with 59lb 1oz from peg 24.

19th Jul 2006 • Pond Closure, Safety Warning
The location of the uncovered drainage chamber (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. Century Ponds will be closed all day on Saturday 22nd July for the latest All-Night Carp Match, which is a 20-peg, two-pond contest. The Ponds will re-open at 1pm on Sunday 23rd after the clay shoot.

All Members fishing at Chewton Meadow (Field 75) should be aware that there is an open drainage chamber near the river bank approximately half way along the stretch. A small white post is currently marking the location. The Club will fence off the previously unknown pit very soon.

One unfortunate Member recently fell into the 8ft deep sump and had to be rescued (thankfully unharmed) by a friend. Please exercise extreme caution when fishing this field as the banks are very overgrown at present.

20th Jun 2006 • Golden Valley Match Date Change, Club Phone Alive Again
The Inter-Club Match with Golden Valley at Century Ponds on Sunday 9th July has been postponed until Sun 13th August. Sport at Century Ponds is picking up again after a lull in action during the spawning period. Carp to low twenties are showing from both Ponds, with good Roach also making an appearance. The Skimmers are still quiet, whilst a few Tench and Crucians are feeding. Water levels are near brim-full in both Ponds.

A reminder that all anglers must leave Century Ponds no later than 10pm. The main gate will be locked after this time. The Club mobile phone is now back in action - apologies for the inconvenience.

14th Jun 2006 • Phone Problems, Silver Series Results
The 2006 Silver Fish Series was won by Warren Bates, who beat Phil Seymour into second place by a narrow margin. The 6-round Series took place at Century Island Pond on Wednesday evenings.

The Club mobile phone is currently unavailable. We hope to have the number active again within the next few days. The new river season starts on Friday 16th - tight lines to all anglers. Finally, another reminder that all Members fishing at Century Ponds must take their litter home with them. Discarded waste (including line and end tackle) has been on the increase lately.

1st May 2006 • All-Night Carp Match, Silver Fish Series, Venue Reports
The winner of the latest All-Night Carp Match on 29th April was Craig Andrews who banked 47lb 5oz of Carp from peg 6. The first round of the Spring Evening Silver Fish Series gets underway on Wednesday 3rd May at Century Island Pond. All places have now been filled. The Old Pond will be open for business as per usual while the Match is in progress.

Carp to 21lb 12oz have been showing in good numbers from both Ponds, especially the Island Pond. Skimmers, Crucians, Roach and Perch have all been making regular appearances too. The River Chew is rather low but fishing well for Game fish, with good numbers of Trout and Grayling showing from all stretches.

5th Apr 2006 • All-Night Carp Match Result, Silver Series 2006, Venue Report
George Clark with a 15lb Century Common (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. Congratulations to George Clark who won the first All-Night Carp Match of 2006 with 35lb 8oz. The next All-Nighter is on Sat 29th April. A Wednesday night Silver Fish 6-round Series will be held on the Island Pond, commencing on May 3rd 2006. Limited to 10 anglers, the weekly Matches will draw at 5:30pm, fishing 6pm until 9pm.

Sport at Century Ponds has been improving throughout the year, with Carp to low twenties showing frequently. Skimmers and Roach are feeding well in the Island Pond, which is still brim-full. The Club intends to install 2 aerator pumps in the early summer which should improve water quality and sport alike. Finally, don't forget to renew your EA rod licence.

16th Mar 2006 • Century Ponds Improvements, Warren Returns
Ian Tucker with a 14lb 2oz Century Mirror (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. Century Old Pond will be closed all day on Saturday 18th March for a Carp Match. The Island Pond will still be open to all Members. Expect to see lots more fish caught in the Island Pond now that the two waters have been re-connected. Good numbers of Carp have been reported to 22lb during first few months of 2006, along with sizeable Roach, Perch and Skimmers.

A Club storage container has been installed at Century Ponds along with a post & rail fence and wooden bollards around the new disabled car park. Additionally, a new 80-metre hedgerow has been planted between the access ramp and the 'horse field' gate. Please do not step over/across the young trees while they become established. Access to both Ponds is now via the ramp and disabled car park. Also, please take care to avoid the new trees planted between the platforms on the 'marsh field' bank of the Island Pond.

The net dips and noticeboard have been temporarily removed from service, awaiting re-siting. Warren Bates has been co-opted back onto the Committee after a 3-year break. Welcome back.

22nd Feb 2006 • Century Ponds Re-Connected, Carp Match Details
Century Ponds re-connected (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. The two lakes at Century Ponds have been re-connected following the removal of the clay dam beneath the causeway footbridge. The recent repairs to the leaking Island Pond appear to have been successful, with water levels in both Ponds now equal. Fish are now free to move between the two Ponds which should help re-balance fish stocks. Water levels will be monitored throughout the next few months. If no adverse effects occur during the spring and early summer the Ponds are likely to remain joined.

Please note that the Old Pond will be closed all day on Saturday 18th March for the first Carp Match of 2006. The Island Pond will be open to Members as usual.

17th Feb 2006 • New Disabled Path & Car Park At Century Ponds
The new disabled path at Century Ponds (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. Work on the new Environment Agency-funded disabled car park, access ramp and path at Century Ponds is now complete. The car park provides space for up to 3 cars. The path provides level access to all 4 double-width platforms - pegs 1, 5, 21 and 26.

The parking area is strictly for blue badge disabled Members and helpers only. Please do not abuse this rule.

14th Feb 2006 • Carp Match Details, Working Party, Litter Reminder
Rich Denning with a fine Chew Chub (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. The first All-Night Carp Match of 2006 will take place on Saturday 18th March at Century Old Pond. A working party has been organised for Sunday 5th March 2006 at the Ponds in order to tidy up the general area.

Work on the disabled car park and path at Century is now underway. Members are reminded that tin cans are banned at Century Ponds. There is an increasing number of discarded tins at the Ponds - please leave your swim free of litter when you leave the venue. You are responsible for all litter in your swim, regardless of whether you left it there. Please do your bit.

1st Feb 2006 • Century Ponds Brim Full, New Chewton Meadow Images
Century Island Pond (click to enlarge). Photo by Jason Allen. The troublesome Island Pond at Century is now full to the brim following major repair work to the leaks during December. Combined with winter rains, the works appear to have been successful, though the true picture will only emerge in the height of summer.

The 'Horse Field' bank of the Old Pond has also been subject to improvements. The deep saturated mud has been replaced with a hardcore path. Please be advised that the banks in general are quite muddy following the recent works. Work has also been taking place during the autumn and winter months to open up swims at Chewton Meadow.

News Archive

News Archive • Keynsham Angling Association Past News Reports
Past Keynsham Angling Association news reports organised into year-by-year pages.

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Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
(Scardinius erythrophthalmus)
Record: 4lb 10oz (2001)
Simon Parry, Clay Lake,
County Armagh, N. Ireland.

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