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Match Results

Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

All-Night Carp Series 2007

Pos Angler Total Weight Total Fish Up/Down
1 Alex Seymour (Winner) 266:06   ---
2 George Clark (Runner-up) 229:10   ---
3 Craig Andrews 132:06   ---
4 Ian Tucker 124:01   ---
5 Craig Clark 89:06   ---
6 Joe Hemmings 89:00   ---
7 Andy Fryer 80:15   ---
8 Darren Counsell 78:12   ---
9 Rob Lansdown 71:02   ---
10 Shaun Porter 67:09   ---
11 Kerry Dawe 65:10   ---
12 Ben Pitman 65:09   Up 7
13 Paul Mogg 60:09   Down 1
14 Sean Clark 50:12   Down 1
15 Matt Fassle 40:00   Down 1
16 Oliver Watson 38:00   ---
17 Rod Andrews 37:06   Down 2
18 Christian Parker 32:10   Down 2
19 Leon Davidson 28:13   Down 2
20 Martin Coombes 27:09   Down 2
21 Dan Wakefield 24:10   Down 1
22 George Hurrell-Smith 23:03   ---
Biggest George Clark 20:10 - Round 3

All-Night Carp Series • 2007 Results Menu
Use the links below to jump to the results and report for each round.

16th Sep 2007 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Old Pond - 2pm To 8am • Round 6
1st - George Clark - 51lb 8oz (peg 11)
2nd - Ben Pitman - 38lb 8oz (peg 23)
3rd - Oliver Watson - 38lb 0oz (peg 24)
4th - Alex Seymour - 28lb 6oz (peg 6)
5th - Ian Tucker - 9lb 13oz (peg 3)
6th - Craig Andrews - 6lb 13oz (peg 2)
Biggest fish - Oliver Watson - 16lb 4oz
The final round of the 2007 All-Night Carp Carp series saw 8 anglers battle it out, with 6 catching 17 fish between them. George Clark put in a sterling performance to net 51lb 8oz (4 fish) from peg 11 and win the match. Ben Pitman was runner-up with 4 fish from peg 23, a total of 38lb 8oz. Third spot was taken by Oliver Watson with 38lb from peg 24, which included the biggest fish at 16lb 4oz.

George's gallant victory was not enough to topple Alex Seymour from the top of the league. Alex's 28lb 6oz catch from peg 6 was enough to retain the overall lead and win the series with a staggering combined weight of 266lb 6oz. He wins a Gold Card.

George landed the biggest fish of the series - 20lb 10oz in round 3. All in all, a very successful and enjoyable series which was well attended. Thanks to George and Ian for organising the events.

21st Jul 2007 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Old Pond - 2pm To 8am • Round 5
1st - Craig Andrews - 46lb 10oz (peg 8)
2nd - Craig Clark - 44lb 10oz (peg 3)
3rd - Joe Hemmings - 39lb 9oz (peg 2)
4th - Craig Andrews - 38lb 1oz (peg 6)
5th - George Clark - 34lb 5oz (peg 19)
6th - Alex Seymour - 26lb 1oz (peg 21)
7th - George Hurrell-Smith - 23lb 3oz (peg 12)
8th - Sean Clark - 19lb 0oz (peg 24)
9th - Ben Pitman - 9lb 5oz (peg 26)
Biggest fish - Craig Clark - 16lb 1oz
The recent local heavy rains and flooding meant a smaller turnout than usual for round 5 of the Carp Series 2007. Twelve anglers entered the match, with 9 banking fish. The winner was Andy Fryer with 46lb 10 oz from peg 8. Craig Clark claimed the runner-up spot with 44lb 10oz from peg 3, including the biggest fish of the match at 16lb 1oz.

In third place was Joe Hemmings with a 39lb 9oz haul from peg 2. A single fish was all that separated the top 5 spots. The 6th and final round of the series is on 15th September. Ticket details above. As ever, thanks to George and Ian for running the competition.

9th Jun 2007 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Old Pond - 2pm To 8am • Round 4
1st - Craig Andrews - 65lb 0oz (peg 12)
2nd - Alex Seymour - 59lb 9oz (peg 14)
3rd= - Rod Andrews - 20lb 6oz (peg 9)
3rd= - Matt Fassle - 20lb 6oz (peg 10)
5th - Dan Curtis - 18lb 10oz (peg 3)
6th - Nick Davidson - 17lb 2oz (peg 6)
7th= - Max Burt - 13lb 7oz (peg 11)
7th= - Ian Tucker - 13lb 7oz (peg 1)
9th - Dan Skuse - 10lb 7oz (peg 24)
10th - Ben Pitman - 10lb 7oz (peg 26)
11th - J. Brodes - 9lb 15oz (peg 19)
12th - Joe Hemmings - 7lb 14oz (peg 21)
13th - Rob Lansdown - 6lb 13oz (peg 7)
Biggest fish - Alex Seymour - 20lb 7oz
Double-figure fish were in short supply in round 4 as Craig Andrews took the honours with a 65lb haul from peg 12. League leader Alex Seymour maintained his push for the title with 59lb 9oz from peg 14 to take the runner-up spot. A total of 17 anglers competed - four entrants (George Clark, Sean Clark, Craig Clark and Dan Wakefield) blanked. As ever, thanks to George and Ian for running the competition.

12th May 2007 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Old Pond - 2pm To 8am • Round 3
1st - Alex Seymour - 135lb 13oz
2nd - Paul Mogg - 60lb 9oz
3rd - Darren Counsell - 43lb 7oz
4th - George Clark - 39lb 2oz
5th - Leon Davidson - 28lb 13oz
6th - Ian Tucker - 26lb 11oz
7th - Rob Lansdown - 23lb 2oz
8th - Matt Fassle - 19lb 10oz
9th - Rod Andrews - 17lb 0oz
10th - Sean Clark - 14lb 1oz
11th - Joe Hemmings - 13lb 5oz
12th - Andy Fryer - 11lb 2oz
13th - Ben Pitman - 7lb 5oz
14th - Dan Wakefield - 6lb 12oz
Biggest fish - George Clark - 20lb 10oz
Round 3 proved to be a festival of double-figure Carp with Alex Seymour breaking all records with a stunning 135lb 13oz haul from peg 23. Paul Mogg came in 2nd with a 'meagre' 60lb 9oz bag! George Clark landed a 20lb 10oz specimen and now leads the biggest fish race.

14th Apr 2007 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Old Pond - 2pm To 8am • Round 2
1st - Shaun Porter - 67lb 9oz (peg 26)
2nd - Kerry Bawe - 65lb 10oz (peg 22)
3rd - Rob Lansdown - 41lb 2oz (peg 6)
4th - Darren Counsell - 35lb 5oz (peg 20)
5th - George Clark - 29lb 14oz (peg 23)
6th - Joe Hemmings - 28lb 4oz (peg 2)
7th - Andy Fryer - 25lb 13oz (peg 8)
8th - Ian Tucker - 23lb 3oz (peg 14)
9th - Craig Andrews - 22lb 8oz (peg 10)
10th - Dan Wakefield - 17lb 14oz (peg 5)
11th - Alex Seymour - 16lb 9oz (peg 1)
12th - Sean Clark - 7lb 7oz (peg 3)
Biggest fish - Dan Wakefield - 17lb 4oz
Round two of the all-night Carp-only series attracted a packed house, with 17 anglers catching a total of 34 Carp, 20 of which were doubles. In near-perfect fishing conditions the winner was Shaun Porter with a 67lb 9oz bag from peg 26.

Runner up was Kerry Bawe on peg 22 who banked a sizeable fish at the very end of the Match to post a total of 65lb 10oz. Rob Lansdown claimed the bronze position with a 41lb 2oz haul from peg 6.

Twelve anglers caught, with the majority of fish being landed from the Island pond. Thanks to George and Ian for organising and running the contest.

3rd Mar 2007 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Old Pond - 2pm To 8am • Round 1
1st - George Clark - 74lb 13oz (peg 2)
2nd - Ian Tucker - 50lb 15oz (peg 24)
3rd - Craig Clark - 44lb 12oz (peg 21)
4th - Christian Parker - 32lb 10oz (peg 16)
5th - Martin Coombes - 27lb 9oz (peg 11)
6th - Sean Clark - 10lb 4oz (peg 5)
7th - Dave Havard - 9lb 4oz (peg 9)
8th - Dan Roberts - 5lb 7oz (peg 19)
Biggest fish - Craig Clark - 19lb 3oz
The first in a series of 6 All-Night Carp Matches saw 8 anglers brave the late winter weather and the lunar eclipse to bank an impressive total of 26 fish between them. Four pegs were used from each lake to give everyone a fair chance of finding fish.

The winner was George Clark with an 8-fish haul weighing in at 74lb 13oz from peg 2, capturing the 18-hour match record in the process. Ian Tucker was runner-up with 50lb 15oz from peg 24, with Craig Clark taking third spot with 44lb 12oz from peg 21.

Craig's weight included the biggest fish of the night at 19lb 3oz. Most of the bigger fish were caught in the Island pond.

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Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Mirror Carp
(Cyprinus carpio)
Record: 67lb 8oz (2008)
Austin Holness, Conningbrook Lake, Ashford, Kent.

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