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Bronze Bream (Abramis brama)

Match Results Archive

Match Results Archive • Keynsham Angling Association Past Match Reports
Past Keynsham Angling Association Match reports organised into year-by-year pages.

Match Results 2011

28th Dec 2011 • Pairs Match - Farleigh Wood - 10am To 3pm
Pairs Result
1st - Bob Teakle & Mike Taylor - 24lb 7oz
2nd - Keith Pope & Dave Weaver - 14lb 3oz
3rd - Dave Atcherley & Phil Seymour - 11lb 8oz

Individual Result
1st - Bob Teakle - 17lb 0oz - peg 8
2nd - Keith Pope - 11lb 4oz - peg 1
3rd - Mike Taylor - 7lb 7oz - peg3
Keynsham AA's Pairs Match was fished at Farleigh Wood on Wednesday 28th of December, with heavy showers and some blustery winds, which made the fishing difficult in the first half of the Match.

First place was won by Bob Teakle and Mike Taylor with a combined weight of 24lb 7oz. Second place went to Keith Pope and Dave Weaver who had a combined weight of 14lb 3oz, and in third place was Dave Atcherley and Phil Seymour with a combined weight of 11lb 8oz.

Bob Teakle caught 17lb 0oz of small Carp and a mixed bag of silvers, fishing maggot just off the bush to his right side of peg 8, winning the top individual honours. Keith Pope fished maggot to the bush off peg 1 and put together 11lb 4oz of small Carp and silvers for second place.

Mike Taylor fishing peg 3, fished similar tactics to Keith and added 7lb 7oz to Bob's 17lb. With most of the weights being made up of silver fish, this proved to be a good practice match for our next contest on January 21st, which is a Silver fish only Match on the Old Pond at Century. If the Ponds are frozen over, the match will be fished on the Mill Ground stretch of the River Chew.

17th Dec 2011 • George Bingham Xmas Shield - Farleigh Wood - 10am To 3pm
1st - George Clark - 16lb 9oz - peg 9
2nd - Ian Tucker - 4lb 1oz - peg 8
3rd - Bob Teakle - 3lb 5oz - peg 7
George Bingham Christmas Shield - click to view info and past winners Ten anglers braved the cold and icy conditions to compete for the Christmas Shield at Farleigh Wood. First place went to George Clark fishing from peg 9. George used worm on the method feeder and caught 16lb 9oz of mostly Carp.

Second spot went to Ian Tucker who fished the maggot feeder tight to the island, catching 4lb 1oz of silvers and the odd Carp from peg 8. In third place was Bob Teakle who caught on pinkies via the pole close in, weighing 3lb 5oz from peg 7.

The next competition is a pairs match is back at Farleigh Wood on 28th December. A good chance to test out those Christmas presents.

10th Dec 2011 • Mervyn Holmes Rosebowl - K&A Canal - 10am To 3pm
1st - Nigel Bateman - 7lb 14oz - peg 7
2nd - Jamie Seymour - 6lb 1oz - peg 1
3rd - Dave Weaver - 4lb 13oz - peg 3
Mervyn Holmes Challenge Bowl - click to view info and past winners The Mervyn Holmes Rosebowl Match was fished on the Kennet and Avon Canal at Semington on the 10th December. First place went to Nigel Bateman fishing peg 7. Nigel fished bread and pinkies at 5 metres and caught 7lb 14oz of small Roach and Skimmer Bream.

Jamie Seymour fished red maggot over red ground bait and caught 6lb 1oz of Bream and Skimmers to take second place from peg 1. In third place was Dave Weaver who caught a mixed bag of Roach and Skimmers weighing 4lb 13oz from peg 3.

26th Nov 2011 • Club Match - Acorn fishery - 10am To 3pm
1st - Phil Seymour - 24lb 10oz - peg 14
2nd - Dave Weaver - 20lb 6oz - peg 15
3rd - Jamie Seymour - 14lb 0oz - peg 6
Eleven anglers fished the Clubís debut Match at Acornís Top Lake in cold but calm conditions. First place went to Phil Seymour on peg 14, fishing in shallow water at 16 metres on the pole, catching 24lb 10oz Carp and silvers.

Dave Weaver was a close 2nd with 20lb 6oz of Carp on the pole with pellet and maggot feeder from peg 15. Third went to Jamie Seymour at the other end of the lake with 14lb from peg 6, on the straight lead and maggot. Jamie made a late surge, catching most of his carp in the last hour.

The next Match is for the Mervyn Holmes Rosebowl on the Kennet & Avon canal on 10th December.

12th Nov 2011 • Club Match - Century Island Pond - 10am To 3pm
1st - Nigel Bateman - 16lb 4oz - peg 18
2nd - Phil Seymour - 10lb 4oz - peg 25
3rd - Mike Taylor - 10lb 0oz - peg 26
The latest Island Pond Club Match was fished on a bright autumn day. Nigel Bateman claimed 1st place with 16lb 4oz fishing peg 18. Most of his fish were caught on a maggot feeder in open water. Nigel fished the last hour using a whip and caught his biggest fish of the day a 4lb Carp on a single red maggot.

Phil Seymour beat Mike Taylor into 2nd place by just 4oz. Phil poled 14 metres from peg 25 to the island bush. Caster fished at dead depth tempted the 10lb 4oz bag of Roach and six small Carp. Mike Taylor fished 9 metres into open water and the margin reeds to his right from peg 26, catching small Roach and Carp on maggot and caster for 10lb.

29th Oct 2011 • Club Match - Farleigh Wood - 10am To 3pm
1st - Ian Tucker - 22lb 8oz - peg 12
2nd - Mike Taylor - 12lb 9oz - peg 15
3rd - Dave Weaver - 12lb 2oz - peg 5
Adam Smith with his specimen Perch of 3lb 8oz There was a good turn-out of 13 anglers for the first date of the new Match calendar. Conditions were cold but calm. Most anglers found the going tough with small Skimmers and Roach replacing the shy feeding Carp.

As the day wore on, the Carp did begin to show around the island, but the weather started to turn with winds increasing and a few showers.

In first place was Ian Tucker with 22lb 8oz fishing from peg 12. Ian caught tight to the island on the maggot feeder. Runner-up was Mike Taylor with 12lb 9oz from peg 15. Mike also caught his fish on the maggot feeder.

Third place went to Dave Weaver with 12lb 2oz from peg 5 on the maggot feeder tight to the island. There was also a specimen Perch caught by Adam Smith, weighing in an impressive 3lb 8oz (see picture).

24th Sep 2011 • Club Match - Century Island Pond - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - George Clark - 12lb 14oz - peg 26
2nd - Bob Teakle - 10lb 4oz - peg 14
3rd - Nigel Bateman - 9lb 7oz - peg 24
In first place was George Clark fishing peg 26. George fished a feeder to the island and poled to the lilly pads to catch 12lb 14oz. Second place was Bob Teakle, who caught 10lb 4oz off peg 14 fishing the pole along the left hand margin and 10 metres centre.

In third place was Nigel Bateman with 9lb 7oz, fishing peg 24 catching most of his fish from the island using a feeder. Most of the fish caught were Skimmers and small Carp with the best catches coming from peg 24 on the causeway to peg 16 at the back of the island.

10th Sep 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Ponds - 8am To 8am • Round 4
1st - Luke Andrews - 83lb 13oz - 9 fish - peg 2
2nd - George Clark - 56lb 4oz - 6 fish - peg 9
3rd - John Nash - 51lb 1oz - 4 fish - peg 3
Click the link below to view the full Match report and league table.

27th Aug 2011 • Club Match - Duchess Pond - 10am To 4pm
1st - George Clark - 82lb 4oz - peg 6
2nd - Nigel Bateman - 21lb 14oz - peg 3
3rd - Mike Taylor - 18lb 9oz - peg 5
Nine anglers fished in bright but blustery conditions. George Clark won the Match from peg 6 catching all his fish on corn and feeder tactics. He bagged up on the bream and needed 3 weigh-ins, totalling 82lb 4oz. He also takes the biggest match weight to date this season.

Second was Nigel Bateman from peg 3, catching a mix of roach and bream for 21lb 14oz. Third was Mike Taylor from peg 5 with 18lb 9oz. All nine anglers caught with some impressive bream being landed throughout the day.

13th Aug 2011 • Club Match - Farleigh Wood - 10am To 4pm
1st - Jamie Seymour - 46lb 3oz - peg 1
2nd - Bob Teakle - 41lb 3oz - peg 7
3rd - Ian Tucker - 22lb 4oz - peg 11
In first place was Jamie Seymour who was fishing peg 1. Jamie fished his left and right margins and caught an impressive 46lb 3oz of Carp to 2lb on corn. Bob Teakle caught 41lb 3oz of Carp and silvers on corn, fishing to the edge of the bush at peg 7 to take second place.

Third place went to Ian Tucker fishing to the island from peg 11. Ian fished maggot and caster for a mixed bag weighing in at 22lb 4oz.

30th Jul 2011 • Club Match - Century Island Pond - 10am To 4pm
1st - Bob Teakle - 35lb 4oz - peg 21
2nd - Nigel Bateman - 11lb 8oz - peg 19
3rd - Dave Weaver - 10lb 5oz - peg 26
Weather conditions were overcast to start with then becoming sunny later. Bob Teakle's catch was made up of Carp and some very nice Bream taken from open water using soft pellets. Nigel Bateman's catch was made up of Carp and Bream taken mainly on the method feeder fishing close to the island.

Dave Weaver's weight was made up of Carp and small Roach and Gudgeon taken from the margins on both sides of the peg using pellets.

16th Jul 2011 • Club Match - River Avon, The Crane - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Bob Teakle - 17lb 5oz - peg 9
2nd - Dave Weaver - 5lb 4oz - peg 5
3rd - Mike Taylor - 4lb 3oz - peg 1
Conditions were good, and with a poor turn out the pegs were well spread out. Bob Teakle took full advantage fishing a ground bait feeder at peg 9 and netting 17lb 5oz of Bream to win the Match.

In second place was Dave Weaver with 5lb 4oz, fishing a float and maggot at peg 5. Mike Taylor fished similar tactics to Dave to claim third place with 4lb 3oz from peg 1.

3rd Jul 2011 • Club Match - Century Island Pond - 2pm To 7pm
1st - Mike Taylor - 11lb 13oz - peg 22
2nd - Adam Smith - 11lb 9oz - peg 26
3rd - Phil Seymour - 10lb 0oz - peg 20
Nine anglers fished the Match in bright, sunny conditions. Bob Teakle drew the golden peg (21) adding early pressure. The start of the Match saw most anglers catch from the off, with plenty of Roach showing. Mike Taylor soon started to push ahead, landing one of two decent Carp on the pole.

Mike eventually went on to win with 11lb 13oz from peg 22, fishing maggot on the pole. Second was Adam Smith, close behind on 11lb 9oz from peg 26, also catching a couple of bonus Carp with pole and feeder tactics. Third was Phil Seymour on peg 20 with 10lb using the pole.

Eight out of nine anglers weighed in with a good varierty of fish being caught, including a nice Crucian landed by Bob Teakle and plenty of Eels. The next Club Match is on the River Avon on Saturday 16th July 2011, 8:30am draw in Keynsham Angling Centre's car park.

2nd Jul 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Ponds - 8am To 8am • Round 3
1st - Craig Andrews - 90lb 11oz - 11 fish - peg 6
2nd - John Nash - 64lb 15oz - 9 fish - peg 1
3rd - Rod Andrews - 46lb 6oz - 5 fish - peg 12
Click the link below to view the full Match report and league table.

22nd Jun 2011 • E.M. Palmer Cup - Century Old Pond - 6:30pm To 9:30pm • R4
1st - Warren Bates - 20lb 0oz - peg 9
2nd - George Clark - 7lb 15oz - peg 12
3rd - Bob Teakle - 7lb 6oz - peg ??
The fourth round of the E.M. Palmer Cup was held on the Old Pond and was won by Warren Bates with 20lb after drawing peg 9 again. Warren caught a nice bag of Roach for around 10lb on caster, followed up with 2 nice Carp for 10lb.

Runner-up was George Clark with a weight of 7lb 15oz fishing peg 12 again. George started catching Skimmers and small Roach with 1 Carp of 5lb. Third was Bob Teakle taking small Carp and Roach for 7lb 6oz.

18th Jun 2011 • Keeling Cup - River Chew, Mill Ground - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Mike Taylor - 2lb 8oz
2nd - Phil Seymour - 1lb 5oz
3rd - Bob Sidwick - 1lb 3oz
Keeling Cup - click to view info and past winners Field 21 in the Mill Ground stretch of the River Chew was pegged, with 10 anglers competing for the Keeling Cup. Conditions were difficult with heavey showers early on and strong winds throughout the day. All 10 anglers caught with a good variety of species showing up.

First was Mike Taylor with 2lb 8oz catching on maggot on pole, winning back the trophy from last year's winner, Nigel Bateman. Second was Phil Seymour with 1lb 5oz closely followed by Bob Sidwick in third with 1lb 3oz. Only 2oz's separated third to fifth spots.

15th Jun 2011 • E.M. Palmer Cup - Century Old Pond - 6:30pm To 9:30pm • R3
1st - Bob Teakle - 11lb 4oz - peg 6
2nd - Warren Bates - 8lb 1oz - peg 9
3rd - Nick Davidson - 7lb 14oz - peg ??
The third round of the E.M. Palmer Cup was held on the Old Pond and was won by Bob Teakle with 11lb 4oz from peg 6. Second was Warren Bates on peg 9 with 8lb 1oz. Third was Nick Davidson who finally found our missing skimmers, catching around 4lb, with an overall weight of 7lb 14oz.

8th Jun 2011 • E.M. Palmer Cup - Century Island Pond - 6:30pm To 9:30pm • R2
1st - Warren Bates - 17lb 0oz - peg 22
2nd - Bob Teakle - 10lb 10oz - peg 26
The second round of the E.M. Palmer Cup was won by Warren Bates on peg 22. Warren landed a foul hooked Carp of 6lb then took an impressive near-11lb of Roach in the last hour for 17lb 0oz.

4th Jun 2011 • Club Match - Boyd Valley Lake - 1:45pm To 7pm
1st - Alan Waites - 70lb 6oz - peg 9
2nd - Adam Smith - 40lb 8oz - peg 5
3rd - Jamie Seymour - 25lb 8oz - peg 1
The afternoon match saw all anglers except Phil Seymour moving to a different peg. First was Alan Waites with 70lb 6oz fishing peg 9. Alan caught most of his fish tight in the margin.

Second was Adam Smith with 40lb 8oz fishing peg 5. Adam took all his fish from the island using a feeder and later changing to a straight lead. Third place went to Jamie Seymour fishing peg 1 catching 25lb 8oz. Jamie tempted all his fish from the reeds to his right margin.

4th Jun 2011 • Club Match - Boyd Valley Lake - 9am To 1pm
1st - Phil Seymour - 30lb 8oz - peg 6
2nd - Bob Teakle - 16lb 8oz - peg 4
3rd - Jamie Seymour - 13lb 8oz - peg 5
The Boyd valley 4 hour morning Match saw a windy start to the day for the 9 anglers, and it was the 3 anglers facing into the wind that weighed in the best weights. In first place was Phil Seymour fishing peg 6 alternating between a feeder to the island and fishing the pole at full depth 7 metres centre weighing in 30lb 8oz.

Second place went to Bob Teakle with 16lb 8oz fishing peg 4. Bob caught all his fish from both his left and right side margins. Jamie Seymour on peg 5 fished similar tactics to Bob for 13lb 8oz, enough to gain third place.

1st Jun 2011 • E.M. Palmer Cup - Century Island Pond - 6:30pm To 9:30pm • R1
1st - George Clark - 11lb 10oz - peg 24
2nd - Mike Taylor - ??? - peg ???
The first round of the E.M. Palmer Cup was won by George Clark who fished peg 24 tight to the island. He caught small Carp for 11lb 10oz.

28th May 2011 • Club Match - Century Island Pond - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Ben Groom - 11lb 2oz - peg 22
2nd - Ian Tucker - 8lb 6oz - peg 18
3rd - Nigel Bateman - 6lb 4oz - peg 25
Six anglers fished the Club Match at Century Island Pond in difficult, windy and wet conditions. The Carp were being shy but plenty of silvers showed at the start. As the day progressed and conditions improved slightly, the Carp began to feed.

First was Ben Groom on peg 22 with 11lb 2oz, fishing pellet and corn to the margins, catching small Carp and silvers with one bonus Carp making the difference. Ben was also lucky enough to draw the golden peg.

Second was Ian Tucker on peg 18 with 8lb 6oz, fishing the waggler and pole, catching small Carp and silvers. Ian also bagged a nice Tench weighing in at 2lb 2oz. Third was Nigel Bateman on peg 25 with 6lb 4oz, fishing the feeder tight to the Island, again catching small Carp on corn and silvers throughout the day.

21st May 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Ponds - 8am To 8am • Round 2
1st - Craig Andrews - 134lb 7oz - 14 fish - peg 5
2nd - Ian Tucker - 76lb 10oz - 12 fish - peg 12
3rd - Rod Andrews - 62lb 0oz - 8 fish - peg 6
Click the link below to view the full Match report and league table.

14th May 2011 • Club Match - Farleigh Wood - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Nigel Bateman - 22lb 1oz
2nd - Ben Groom - 16lb 3oz
3rd - Jamie Seymour - 15lb 5oz
Plenty of small Carp and Skimmers showed with most fish being caught in the margins. Nigel Bateman won the Match with 22lb 1oz, beating this seasons current highest Match weight by 1oz. Ben Groom was runner-up with 16lb 3oz, with Jamie Seymour close behind in third place with 15lb 5oz.

23rd Apr 2011 • Club Match - Century Island Pond - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Jamie Seymour - 3lb 10oz - peg 20
2nd - Bob Teakle - 2lb 4oz - peg 16
3rd - Dave Weaver - 1lb 9oz - peg 21
On a hot, windless day the fish failed to show and those lucky enough to catch the odd few fish were all in the frame during the match. Dave Weaver lost a 2lb Bream at the net which almost certainly would've put him into first place, but his bad luck helped Jamie to claim his first victory.

Jamie poled corn to the left side margin of peg 20, catching 3lb 10oz of small Carp. Runner-up was Bob Teakle with 2lb 4oz from peg 16, fishing his left side margin and 8m center, catching similar fish to Jamie. Third was Dave Weaver with 1lb 9oz, fishing both margins and a feeder to the reeds on the far bank from peg 21.

9th April 2011 • Club Match - Kennet & Avon Canal - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Dave Atcherley - 6lb 10oz
2nd - Bob Teakle - 6lb 9oz
3rd - Warren Bates - 4lb 4oz
Ten anglers fished the latest Club Match on the Kennet and Avon Canal at Digger Smith's Yard, with all entrants catching fish. Dave Atcherley came first with 6lb 10oz, just an ounce in front of second-placed Bob Teakle. Warren Bates came in third place with 4lb 4oz.

26th Mar 2011 • Club Match - Rushcombe Lake, Bullocks Farm - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Adam Smith - 14lb 15oz - peg 32
2nd - Nigel Bateman - 14lb 11oz - peg 42
3rd - Bob Teakle - 8lb 8oz - peg 50
Adam Smith with his winning weight of 14lb 15oz The Match was fished on the Island of Rushcombe at Bullocks Farm, with the even numbers used to peg the Match. Peg 32 was drawn as the Golden Peg.

Adam Smith was the lucky drawer, with £81 in the Golden Peg pot plus the pools on the day. Adam did all he could to capitalise on a good pay out. In the final hour he found the smaller Carp by the bridge and was catching them on every put-in. Adam won the Match with 14lb 15oz of small Carp caught on maggot.

Nigel Bateman was runner-up, just 4oz behind Adam in peg 42, catching 14lb 11oz of larger Carp on Corn. Third place went to Bob Teakle fishing peg 50, catching 8lb 8oz of small Carp on maggot.

26th Mar 2011 • All-Night Carp Series - Century Old Pond - 8am To 8am • Round 1
1st - Craig Andrews - 74lb 10oz - 11 fish - peg 12
2nd - Luke Andrews - 63lb 7oz - 7 fish - peg 6
3rd - Rod Andrews - 62lb 13oz - 6 fish - peg 5
Click the link below to view the full Match report and league table.

12th Mar 2011 • Arthur Edwards Cup - Mill Ground (Chew) - 10am To 3:30pm
1st - Phil Seymour - 3lb 6oz
2nd - Nigel Bateman - 1lb 4oz
3rd - Dave Weaver - 10oz
4th - Ben Groom - 8oz
Arthur Edwards Memorial Cup - click to view info and past winners Ten anglers fished for the Arthur Edwards Memorial Cup on the Mill Ground stretch of the River Chew. Phil Seymour won the trophy with 3lb 6oz.

Nigel Bateman was second with 1lb 4oz. Dave Weaver was third with 10oz and last years winner Ben Groom came in fourth with 8oz.

27th Feb 2011 • George Bingham Christmas Match - Farleigh Wood
1st - Nigel Bateman - 8lb 14oz
2nd - Bob Teakle - 8lb 12oz
3rd - Mike Taylor - 8lb 0oz
George Bingham Christmas Shield - click to view info and past winners Twelve anglers fished the re-scheduled 2010 Christmas Match at Farleigh Wood, which was postponed due to the freezing conditions in December.

Nigel Bateman was first with 8lb 14oz, fishing caster on feeder. Nigel wins the George Bingham Shield for his efforts.

Bob Teakle was a close runner-up with 8lb 12oz on float fished corn down the edge, catching late on. Third was Mike Taylor with 8lb fishing the pole at 7m in open water.

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Bronze Bream (Abramis brama)
Bronze Bream
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